Happy Easter

Top 5 reasons to smile this Easter

While Christmas gets all the fuss and attention, Easter time is certain to make you smile. Here are our top 5 reasons why.

1. While Christmas is tied up in northern hemisphere traditions, Easter is freer and easier to translate to our warmer climate. Why try to eat a large, dry, bird that is totally at odds with our Aussie summer, when you can have a barbecue or roast?

2. No leftover turkey or ham sitting in the fridge for weeks. Whoever heard of leftover chocolate?

3. You get a four day weekend. More time to eat all of that chocolate. And calories don’t count on holidays.

4. With a sweet icing topper and fluffy, warmly spiced yeast dough, hot cross buns are pastry perfection. While the history of hot cross buns is a bit fuzzy, but they likely date back to the Middle Ages when it was a cultural institution to share sweet sacrifices with the gods. Who are we to argue?

5. Easter egg hunts are the best. It’s fun to see the little kids search for their treasure. Hearing the kids excitedly talk about where they found them always brings a smile to my face. Although chances are that those kids’ smiles will be just a wee bit chocolate-smeared.

Whatever you do this Easter, enjoy yourself.

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