A Corporate Gift For Every Reason & Season 2

A Corporate Gift For Every Reason & Season

The custom of corporate gift giving started with large and established companies to show appreciation to loyal, faithful staff and customers. This is much more than just the exchange of objects as giving presents has become a true art form with business partners being a part of your success. If properly selected, a corporate gift is a priceless message of respect.

Gift giving is as old as mankind, with the original business gifts dating back to the start of trade, often as a mark of respect. More recently typical gifts are diaries, note pads, pens, key chains, and wines. The uniqueness of the individual corporate gift being a sign of the closeness of the relationship.

These days companies, both large and small, recognise that corporate gift giving is a very subtle selling tool, such that it is now a billion dollar industry (The $125B Business Of Corporate Gifting). Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that corporate gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits. “Gifts humanise business,” said a survey respondent. “It pays for itself two fold,” said another.

The gifts you give your customer are actually a soft-selling tactic in promoting your company’s products and services. During a typical day at the office, promotional items are actually a very practical and visible reminder. Whether it’s the pen you write with, your coffee mug, the key chain for your keys, these are very powerful and effective marketing tools that keep your companies name constantly in view.

It has become customary for most of the business gift-giving to happen in December, however at that time there are usually so many business gifts in circulation that they do not always get the attention they deserve. But there are many more moments when you can get more attention from your business partner. There are so many seasons and events for gift giving that it’s an all year celebration. Consider:

  • Announcing new products and services
  • Event marketing
  • Major contracts and agreements
  • Recognition and service awards
  • Incentive programs
  • Trade show giveaway
  • End of financial year
  • Company milestones

The words we use can sometimes be ambiguous, or even unsuitable, corporate gifts should always convey a clear message. Since corporate gifts are consequently dependent on the success of our business cooperation, a lot of attention needs to be paid to such gifts. The best of them combine being fun, trendy, and functional. When chosen well, the recipient will cheer with delight.

It’s important to think about quality rather than quantity when selecting business gifts. Whatever you give, make it the best of its kind as people associate gifts with a level of luxury they might not ordinarily spend on themselves. A beautifully wrapped and packaged gift enhances the recipient’s experience, as the quality of the unboxing experience sends a strong signal to the recipient about the value of the items within. This is an essential part of the gifting process which should not be skimped on because doing so will devalue the items contained.

Investing in corporate gifts is not only a matter of getting the attention of customers and business partners, but investing in values and loyalty. When choosing corporate gifts keep in mind the wishes and needs of your business partners and be creative. We follow the latest trends in corporate gifts for you. Check our rich offer at Wines By Design, where we will be happy to help you choose corporate gifts that will suitably differ according to the goal of business communication that you want to achieve.

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