We’ve updated our website!

Wines By Design now has been working hard in the background over the last couple of months updating our website. All of our wine, beer, cider and gin products now have updated product descriptions and pricing. Most of our product pages have a table that appears when a product page is loaded, or when a wine choice is selected. See the below example of how to request a quote using our updated form.

We've updated our website! 2

Custom Labelled Wine, Cylinder & Two Stemless Glasses Gift Set

Scroll down to select your wine choice. In the below example, we've chosen Symposiarch Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley.

We've updated our website! 3

Once the wine choice has been made, the pricing table will appear. This table shows the price based on the quantity selected. The higher the quantity, the cheaper the price per set becomes. 

Next, scroll down to select your customised options. In the below example, you can choose the have the stemless glasses branded, who designs the label and cylinder, how the order is to be delivered and when the order is required to be delivered by.

We've updated our website! 4

Once all required options have been selected, enter your quantity and click “Add to enquiry”.

We've updated our website! 5

On the next screen, enter your details and click “Request Quote”.

We've updated our website! 6

Once your quote has been requested, we’ll respond to you within 1 business day. 

We hope that having more information and options on our updated product pages is helpful and that the new forms are easy to use. Though if you have any questions at all, please email us at sales@winesbydesign.com.au.

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