New Year, Old Relationships 2

New Year, Old Relationships

Wines by Design would like to welcome everyone back for the New Year. The time off has given us a much needed break and time to reflect on what has been a challenging but rewarding year. We hope that you have all managed to enjoy some quality relaxation in preparation for the New Year.

As your business returns to normal operations, you will know doubt be asking yourself on how you can do things better than the previous year. An obvious answer is of course to try and pick up new customers and expand your client base. Whilst this is a very important part of business, an often overlooked and perhaps more important action, is to maintain existing relationships. According to global management consulting firm Bain and Co., a 5 percent increase in retention boosts profit by 25 to 100 percent. And on average, repeat customers spend 67 percent more than new customers!

Follow these great tips and give your clients every reason to keep doing business with you:

1. Treat Clients as Though Your Business Depends on Them
Always make your clients feel important from the first meeting to the hundredth. Give them respect and make them feel that they are your most important focus.

2. Get to Know Your Customers
All customers want to know they are important to you. Get to know them. Remember their name and greet them by name whenever they visit or call your business. Find out what else is important in their life. If you know that they have a dozen grandchildren, ask them how the grandkids are doing. Try to learn the business and personal needs of each customer.

3. Be Willing to Say Both “Yes” and “No”
Your clients will respect you when you say “yes” to their needs, but they will also respect your limits even if you say “no.” If a request is outside of your staff’s capabilities, be sure to tell the client what you CAN do, instead of simply what you CANNOT do.
Always try to solve a problem immediately when possible. If not, tell your client that the issue is important, and you will respond with an answer as soon as possible. Try to give them a time frame as to when they can expect your answer, and keep them updated along the way if it will take you more than a day to get them the requested information. Setting these proper expectations will show the client how much you respect and value their time.

4. Reward Customers with a Gift
Give an occasional gift to loyal clients. Clients who receive gifts know that you value them and will reward your business with many returns. Browse our extensive e-brochure for the perfect idea.

5. Stay in Touch
Keep a database of your clients’ contacts. Send a periodic newsletter to let them know you still are thinking of them. A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch and remind clients of your services and other new happenings to your business.
Developing customer loyalty is akin to nurturing any type of relationship. By adding a positive human touch to each interaction, you can build long-term relationships that will add to your organization’s bottom line.

We hope that by following these simple but often neglected tips will help your business strive in the New Year.

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